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Green jobs make life easier for everyone by reducing the costs of fuel, food, housing. Green work expands Philadelphia's economy by reducing waste of resources and wealth. Green work repairs soil, water and air, making these cleaner and healthier.

There are hundreds of kinds of green work. Some of the jobs offered here are deep green jobs; some are pale green.

Deep green jobs create genuine alternatives to resource depletion — trains, bicycles, solar and passive solar energy, tree-free paper, organic fibers, compost toilets, urban agriculture, and so on.  These prove that billions of humans can enjoy this planet while repairing it.

Pale green jobs reduce damage to the environment but continue it — like fuel efficient cars, low-flush toilets, and 'clean' coal. We need and respect these transitional technologies.  But most normal tools of civilization need to be gradually replaced by tools serving the future.  Every industry has greener choices.

Green Job Values:

  • Ecological:  Restoratiion, rather than extraction
  • Mutual:  Motivation by maximum social benefit, rather than by maximum revenue
  • Democratic:  Transfer the economic power to neighborhoods and neighbors
  • Regional:  Reduce reliance on imports for essential goods and services, recycling wealth locally
  • Creativity:  Export green alternatives and ideas

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