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The following technologies exemplify maximum energy efficiency, maximum recyclable parts, least waste, least contamination, most local control, simplicity of use by young and old, strong and weak.

There are many financial, legal, bureaucratic, cultural and political reasons why these will be resisted. When proposing change, ridicule is inevitable. And there is articulate, well-reasoned hostility to any change. But there will arise more compelling reasons why these will be installed.

BAMBOO because we need to replace tree wood, plastic & steel piping

BICYCLES & PEDAL POWER because it’s the cleanest, most space-efficient and energy-efficient method of moving individuals and small loads short distances.

BIOREMEDIATION because urban soils have been contaminated by industrialization.

COMPOST TOILETS because we can’t continue to poop into clean water.

KENAF PAPER because paper made from trees wastes forests and fuels. Kenaf serves as ground cover, soil penetrator, nitrogen fixer, water retainer, soil stabilizer, paper pulp.

LOCAL CURRENCY AND BARTER to control money and what it does.

NON-PVC PIPING because dioxins are among humanity’s most toxic inventions.

ORCHARDS & BERRIES because we need to produce more food within the city with less intensive manual labor, and to bioremediate soil.

PEDESTRIAN PLEASURE because it’s the healthiest, most energy-efficient and sociable method for moving people. Busy streets are safer at night. We choose Neighborhood Watch or neighborhood watch TV.

PAVEMENT RECYCLER because we need to release city land to breathe and produce food and retain stormwater.

SOLAR & WIND POWER because oil is disappearing, becoming costly, destroys the environment and is fought for. Decentralized fuels restore democracy and global stability.

SOLAR-POWERED SCOOTERS because they’re the most space-efficient and energy-efficient method for carrying individuals and heavy loads longer distances within the city.

TRAINS & TROLLEYS because rail is the most energy-efficient method of carrying heaviest cargos and large numbers of people. They guide and concentrate where humans settle, rather than promote sprawl.

UNDERGROUND AND EARTH-BERMED HOUSING (ECOLONY) because heating and cooling without fossil fuels will become necessary.


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