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PhilaFEL (Philadelphia Fund for Ecological Living)


While higher-income Philadelphians have enough money to purchase green renovations or products and to hire green services, lower-income Philadelphians suffer high costs of home heating and air conditioning, environmental health problems, bad nutrition, and lack of tree cover.

PhilaFEL board of directors will distribute money donated to PhilaFEL to seed environmental sustainability and restoration in the lowest income decile of Philadelphia census tracts.

Application for PhilaFEL funds may be made by writing to PhilaFEL describing the work to be done (from categories below), the need, the sources of materials, and who will be hired.  Grants shall be made for projects hiring Philadelphia residents.  Priority will be given to youth programs and green collar job training serving the following categories:

    • tools & toolsheds
    • edible landscaping
    • land (easements)
    • fertilizer
    • orchards (fruits, nuts, berries)
    • Farmer's Markets
    • hydroponics
    • gardening
    • compost (vermculture, leaves)
    • food processing (canning, dehydrating)
    • low-flush toilets
    • compost toilets
    • gray water systems
    • xeriscaping
    • active
    • photovoltaics
    • hot water
    • passive
    • thermal mass
    • cooking
    • micro
    • macro
    • faucet
    • run of river
    • green roofs
    • superwindows
    • insulation
    • earth berm or underground
    • eco-village
    • carshare
    • SEPTA
    • bicycles
    • bike paths
PhilaFEL Bylaws

All disbursements and minutes of board meetings shall be promptly posted on the PhilaFEL website.

No more than 30% of grants made during a fiscal year may be made within a single census tract.  No greater than 20% of funds available may be disbursed to any single group or person in one fiscal year.

The maximum wage for any administrative staff shall be twice the Philadelphia livable wage.  The preferred wage shall be the base livable wage.  There shall be no more than one such employee per $500,000 assets.

The board of directors of PhilaFEL shall have seven (7) elected members.  Four (4) of these shall be residents of the lowest income decile of Philadelphia neighborhoods.  Two (2) of these shall be environmental professionals living in Philadelphia (primary income from one of these categories), and one (1) shall represent donors of $500 or more.

Voters shall be residents of Philadelphia wards wholly or partly within the lowest income decile of Philadelphia census tracts, plus any Philadelphians who have donated to PhilaFEL.  Eligibility shall be verified from voter rolls.

Candidates for the PhilaFEL board of directores shall respond to questions put to them by members.  These reponses shall be placed on the PhilaFEL website

Voters may cast ballots by E-mail (one E-mail address designated per voter), by paper ballot at public libraries and/or community centers in the target areas, or by printing and mailing a web ballot.

After the first general election of seven members, three seats shall be available the next year.  Those four board members who received the fewest votes during the first election shall compete for two-year terms after the first year, followed the second year by the three who received the highest votes.  Thereafter, two seats shall be open for election each year, for tow year terms.  Three consecutive terms shall be the limit of service.  After one year off the board such persons may stand againf or election.

Members of the board of directors of PhilaFEL shall be listed below, with their organizational affiliations.

To offer your services to the PhilaFEL founding board of directors, contact Paul Glover: (215) 805-8330 or

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