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There's a lot of work to be done, to help move Philadelphia greenward.

We're networking and news reporting-- finding the neighbors, skills, tools, teachers, raw materials, buildings, land and credits that are the basis for green jobs, green businesses, green industries, green organizations and green finance.

These resources will be published on, a new site which enables people easily to find green jobs, green grants and green loans. We meet people at festivals, parks, events, garage sales, churches. We search the web, flyers, kiosks.

We’re even starting new organizations that reduce the costs of living, create energy efficiencies, energy alternatives, urban agriculture, and make this city great again.

Green Jobs Philly assumes several things:
1) Philadelphia is full of beautiful children who deserve a city as beautiful as they.
2) Poverty is a lack of networks more than a lack of dollars.
3) Fuel costs and shortages will change this city entirely.
3) Powerful solutions to city problems begin within neighborhoods.

You’ll learn about grassroots organizing and community economics, urban environmentalism, and online media. While this internship is unpaid (we have begun to receive small grants and will provide stipend as able), we’ll provide certificates according to your skill development.

Contact: Paul Glover 215 805-8330


Our basic work is NETWORKING and REPORTING.

I’ll orient you to a broad variety of green economy initiatives. Your personal interests can guide your research and action.

Then you’ll write stories (broadcast, print, online) for GreenJobsPhilly.

These stories are based on GreenJobsPhilly outreach:

1. Find events where we can table to: speak with people and distribute literature about Green Jobs Philly programs (online jobs listings, GLAD, PRAISE, PhilaFEL, PhilaHealthia, POP, local currency, import replacement, etc*), collect names and contact information, collect tax-deductible donations, learn about grassroots talents, needs, concerns and hopes.

2. Follow up with people to: interview them, get them into our greenjobs database, connect them with people who share their aims. Everyone from neighbors to legislators.

3. Attend meetings related to green economic development.

4. Help host meetings related to green programs.

5. Monitor GreenJobsPhilly online listings for relevance.

6. Research green jobs online, on kiosks and bulletin boards.

7. Inventory Philadelphia’s resources-- the raw material of jobs-- like vacant land and factories, current workshops, machines, tools, skills.

8. Also, because some green initiatives will require government push, we’ll draft, promote and track relevant legislation.


1. Maintain mailing lists (primarily email) for the several related organizations.

2. Grantwriting: I have written many grants and can introduce you to this process if you like.

3. Filing-- keeping literature and paper records as backup


GLAD: Green Labor Administration: coordinating corporate, government, and grassroots initiatives.

PRAISE: Philadelphia Regional & Independent Stock Exchange

PhilaFEL: Philadelphia Fund for Ecological Living

PhilaHealthia: health co-op for the uninsured

Philly Orchard Project: planting fruit trees in vacant lots

Philadelphia HOURS: local paper money

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