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Im writing a book with detailed photos and descriptions of miracles from God,called The Book of Light'.

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i want to start a small solar and wind turbine buisness eco savings or green buisness.

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Purchase delapidated housing units in the Philadelphia area. Reconstruct using environmentally friendly, and energy efficient equipment. Making sure the house is weatherized to be used for effeciencey.

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To train low income residents and seniors how to save sustantial money on energy, food and health care costs by "greening" their homes and communities. I believe that through community media, work shops, community meetings, "task teams", partnering, and direct "hands on" assistance, that we could teach people the importance of clean ducts,proper ventilation, weatherization, low-cost energy efficient light bulbs and water filters.Also no hassle re-cycling(two of the main reasons people don"t re-cycle is because they find it confusing and insignificant), the cost effectiveness of home and community gardening,house hold plantsa and over all cleanliness. It is my sincere hope that by showing our families and neigbors that by becoming "green conscious" and greening thier homes and communities they can not only greatly improve thier living environment, but they will also tremdously enhance the quality of thier very lives.

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A computer recycling program that takes on discarded computer equipment from businesses, schools, etc. The old computers are refurbished and re-issued to those who complete a computer training program that teaches the basics of computers, how to use email, and the internet.

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Greetings, My idea would be to turn a room, located behind my home kitchen, into a certified bake shop. There is a door to the outside and a window. The floor, ceiling, and walls would have to be remodeled with green supplies which meet License and Inspection requirements for food preparation. I plan to use as many local, organic ingredients as available,such as Fair Food Lancaster pasture dairy butter, and flour milled at a local mill,Daisy.Vegen options will be avaiable,all organic.Many baked goods will be made without sugar using organic agave in place of the the sugar and making the goods diabetic friendly and healthier in general.The baked goods will be offered for sale at local markets,coffee shops, the internet,and possibly to local CSAs. An oven, stainless steel sink,and refrigerator will be needed as well as insurance.I would also like to include some local advertising. There is an untapped market for sugar free, natural baked goods that taste great, such as chocolate cake, cinnamon buns and vegen apple pie. The packaging will be eco-friendly. If sales growth is good, I would like to expand and hire local teens, offering them a chance to work while learning healthy cooking skills.I have many years experience baking with natural ingredients and have run two organic food co-ops. This business would contribute well to our community and would be appreciated by all who enjoy these delightful baked goods. Thank You, Georganne

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Greetings, The idea is as follows; My brother has owned and operated a complete flooring business for about 10 years,I work with him part time on big jobs. I work full time in Philadelphia as a salesman. I would like to expand his business to Philadelphia and be in charge of running a green division basically offering non-toxic natural flooring alternative such as wool, wool/silk, bamboo, hemp, cork, natural linoleum, sustainable woods and recycled woods in place of the heavily toxic products,e.g. Armstrong and Dupont carpet and flooring which create serious toxins during manufacturing and instalation as well as in the home and places where they are installed, emitting toxic gases for years to come and causing diseases such as asthma and cancer. Studies have shown that simply removing a chemical carpet from a home can revese childhood ashma almost instantly. Opening a green branch of DT Flooring in Philadelphia would allow residents to have safe, beautiful, alternatives for their homes. Nationaly tv programs such as Martha Stewart, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, and Ophra have had segments on their programs discussing carpet toxicity. A company such as this in Philadelphia would open up a number of jobs for all areas of installation experienced and non experienced and may allow for some inner city youth to train in the flooring business. The following items are needed good used commericial van, sample pallets of flooring, workers. This could prove to a good business for many reasons. Thank You Manny

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We are seeking funds to start a program called PAGoSolar. This program will allow homeowners to install solar power on their existing homes with little or no money upfront.

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I want to expand my energy consulting activities. I have 20 years experience in energy field. I worked for 14 years as a marketing engineer for Metropolitan Edison Electric Company. I have a BSME degree and passed the Professional Engineering Pa state Exam but I have not renewed my licence since 1997 because I was a missionary in South Africa. But since I returned 3 years ago I have worked on geothermal heat pump design and installation. I am currently providing consulting services to a firm in Wilkes Barre, Pa to help them select a generator rate since PP&L electric utility company will increase thier rates by 18% in 2010 due to deregulation. I also plan to offer such services in Phila. and surrounding areas as the Public Utility Commission expands deregulation to Phila and surrounding areas I have many certifications for heat pumps, industrial energy analysis etc but current state and Federal regulations require me to be re-certified in order to participate in their programs as an energy auditor, etc. I also wand to become LEED certified. I would like to get these certifications so I can expand my current activities, open an office and hire workers.

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....A painting company that only uses eco-friendly paint products from locally owned green companies. (example: Greenables in CC), I have gotten a very good response to the business in just a few weeks. I plan on using the greant money for advertising to grow the business and employ more people. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Best regards, Mary Ellen Gardner 484-995-6981

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I am interested in creating a organic herbal shaving soap for men to help get rid of shaving cream cans in the environment.

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To provide assistance within the City of Philadelphia to architectural design firms, construction firms, agencies in city government, education, and healthcare, and other entities seeking green alternatives in project planning, design, and construction. Such assistance would come in the form of providing insight and design information on sustainable building products (recycled materials, reused materials), alternative energy sources (green energy - solar/wind/hydro energy) as well as energy-efficient systems (lighting, heating and cooling, and insulating materials, green roofs), transportation alternatives (bicycles and mass-transit), water-use reduction (low-flow fixtures, waterless fixtures), and quality of life designs (outdoor views, depaving, community gardens, and vegetated spaces). The grant will be used to start up my green business. My background consists of 20 years in the environmental consulting field. I possess strong consulting skills in building and property assessment, and have obtained the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional Designation from the US Green Building Council.

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Conversion of Philadelphia Gas Works to Hydrogen and Philadelphia Water Department Sewage Division to recycle sewage bio-gas after convesion to hydrogen syn-gas. Use hydrogen to power SEPTA Vehicles Buses Trains 501(c40

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I want to educate, install & provide continued quality green service to both local residential & commercial businesses. By offering a forum of education on the issue I believe all people who live & work in the community will be able to benefit & begin to live & work in a green environment. Thus, helping to support not only our families, but our leaders position on going green. By providing green installation services for individuals in the community, it will help to preserve both the current quality of life & quality life for many generations to come. This helps us to forge the path for our children, environment & leaders to embrace going-green as a way of life. By continuing to provide my green services to the community, I believe that I can help other minority businesses, those interstested in pursuing careers & those wanting to be educated on the importance for green work done in our homes, schools & local businesses. I believe that by using local talent & local green materials I can further establish employment opportunities for people in the community, while at the same time helping the community in its efforts to go green. This grant money will allow me to participate in going-green trainings that will can assist me in acheiving the green expert certifition, as well as begin to build the foundation for my green business.

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Roxborough Presbyterian church considers itself a missional church; we want to mold ourselves around community outreach programs. We are now in the process of creating a community garden to help meet the needs of people in the neighborhood. As prices for food continue to rise and the economy worsens, the garden will not only satisfy people’s physical needs and hunger it will also serve as a teaching tool. It will provide a way for our community to learn about the benefits of recycling, living a “green” lifestyle and being good stewards of the land. By working with, teaching, learning from and sharing with the gardeners, we will create a welcoming environment that will enhance our community and help us minister to our neighbors. Also, produce and flowers from the church plots in the garden will help us connect with shut-ins, visitors, food pantries and others we might not generally have contact with.

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My partner and I are in the process of starting a reflective roof coating business in the Philadelphia area. Are goal is install "COOL ROOF" coatings on roofs using energy star rated materials. There are over 400,000 flat roofs in Philadelphia. With the green effect our coatings can have on the area it would be a great step in helping Philadelphia become the greenest city in America and one day the World. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I want to open an all organic shop in NorthEast Philadelphia, there are no stores here, there are places that offer some organic things at a higher price. I want a store that is all organic, eco free environment & more affordable for people. I have foud a local distributor that is a green business of organic products that are certified by the Co-op American Business Network, I would be able to get the products myself. I have website that i\\\'m building myself, but did a survey over the past 2 1/2 years & many have stated they would go, they want one here. Right now you have to go to the suberbs or down center city which is a hassel getting to.

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I chair the Green Sanctuary Committee at the Unitarian Society of Germantown. We have partnered with an innercity community development organization in the Tioga section of Philadelphia to clean and green a vacant lot. We are interested in further development of this lot for continued beautification and creation of a mural wall.

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Fell Design has been developing sustainable lines of furniture since early 2008 for several markets, including K-12 schools, healthcare, office, and residential. We design strictly with more eco-friendly materials such as rapidly-renewable bamboo plywood, FSC-certified hardwoods, soy and whey based sealants, traditional shellac, milk paints, and Knoll CR Series fabrics. Fell Design is seeking grant opportunities to expand its physical operations, product development initiatives, sales and marketing, and workforce development within Philadelphia. We believe that eco-driven, local manufacturing is a key component to the creation of long-term green collar jobs within the City. We believe the demand for such products is only now beginning to bloom, whether through LEED for Children & Schools projects, local independent architectural firms, or through the various hospital systems and homeowners that are beginning to shift their collective thought towards a more eco-conscious state. In addition, We would like to help those in lower income areas of the City by providing career and life skills training. We consider alliances with local environmental education centers as part of our mission and we look to expand our involvement in this aspect, as well. Please visit us at and You may contact Steve Fell at or at 703-798-7198.

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Bringing Earthship Biotecture to Philadelphia

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Build or buy a green home and start green community

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Our initiative is to provide custom design through our 1931 Letterpress, with tree-free paper and chemical-friendly ink, for the local neighborhood and beyond. We are based in Port Richmond, Philadelphia and run from a Vandercook Letterpress, as well as much silk-screen equipment. Our approach to printing is simple. Based on a mutual agreement with the client, we then proceed to carry out a print job. Our service includes poster production, wedding/ event invitations, book design/binding, and various custom visual printmaking. We take it very seriously to use green-friendly materials including paper, ink and cleaning supplies. Because we are a new, we need help with beginning this business. We find it extremely important to encourage other printers in the region to use green-friendly materials, as well as recycle. This is unfortunately a rare reality to come by, which is why we find it all the more urgent to do this project well.

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Hello, My name is Matthew Bruno, my partner's name is Stephen Cooke. Our company, Cabi, is a design-build company focused on workspace and storage solutions. Our system uses a range of clear anodized aluminum components and fittings to build a lighter, stronger solution than traditional cabinetry and casework. We develop custom configurations with clients to match their space, style, and budget. We believe modularity is the key to sustainable design; we recognize that peoples needs change. There are a multitude of scenarios that alter our lives and behavior - from fluctuation in family structure, physical ability, to the unpredictability of fashion. Why shouldnt our environments be easily alterable to meet new conditions? The Cabi System invites our users to reconfigure their settings by purchasing and exchanging system modules. With this grant we will purchase needed materials for our current Cabi projects. We have two kitchen project and one bath in process.

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I would like to build a green/solar-empowered roof on my building to lessen the severe runoff of the Walnut Hill/Mill Creek corridor, and also make my non-profit building/recording studio energy-neutral. As an experienced contractor I can perform most of the labor (carpentry/plumbing/electric) myself and would need help only in solar installation technique and to cover the cost of materials.

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Put fruit & veggie dispensers into public and private after school programs, libraries and other public meeting places for kids - especially in urban philadelphia so that kids are not forced to go to the corner store and purchase candy chips and other snack food loaded with artificial sweetners and colors that are so bad for them and does not promote concentration, or mental acuIty. Conduct cooking classes and sustainable workshops for inner city kids

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Seed money needed. Hello my name is Tim Sadler. My family recently formed a Green Business -- Paradigm Productions. Just this past Sunday we hosted our kick off event -- PA EcoFair in Downingtown which took place this past Sunday (9/28). Please google \"Downingtown EcoFair\" for more. Paradigm is an upstart organization looking to promote Renewable Energies, Sustainability Issues, and Green Living. We plan on becoming B Corp. certified over the course of the next few months. We seek to employee a staff of culturally sophisticated and dynamic individuals. As a collective our goal is to provide Green Business 2 Community Networking Events at a rate of at least 1 per month. We are badly in need of seed money for A) company car...we\'d love to put a down payment on a Smart Car and use it to advertise GreenJobsNow B) Printer/Office supplies, C) Staffing. Please email me with interest Thank you kindly for your consideration, Tim Paradigm Productions Planner

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A division of the company for which I am the sales & marketing director is launching a Green specific aspect of their existing business. We have supply side and now have been selected by a manufacturer as a preferred provider of their Green products. Additionally, we would be adding both window and insulation services as well. I am hoping to have an opportunity to determine what programs we might qualify and be considered to participate and receive a grant to aid in launching this new concept.

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I am interested in starting a non-profit organization whereby vacant lots can be purchased to develop community gardens in the lower socio-economic areas of Philadelphia.

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Building and installing solar heat grabbers

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2008-07-30$1,200.00-$10,000.00NoFree green roofs to low income families in Philadelphia. We are in the process of acquiring tax exempt statusLog in or register to view more
2008-07-17$10,000.00-$100,000.00YesPhiladelphia needs at least one INSULATION FACTORY, hiring people to make insulation from recycled newspapers and fly ash. An energy co-op or neighborhood buying club can then install, creating further employment.Log in or register to view more
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